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Hybrid Classroom Model

Our hybrid classroom model has been so successful, it’s become the new normal. Not just during the pandemic, but into the future. While we love having as many students as we can on campus, joining in the livestream is also a good option. You can still participate in classes while caring for young children or keep up with your studies while managing illness.

Those in rural and regional areas don’t have to pack up and move to the city just to be trained for ministry! 

Check All Units Available Via Livestream Here. Scroll down to see the units available for a free trial. 

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Why Evening Classes?

Join our Evening Classes - livestreamed or face to face - and learn from experienced lecturers who will stretch, challenge and deepen your biblical knowledge and its practical application to your work, ministry and life.

  • Get to know God and His Word more deeply and be better equipped for ministry.
  • Evening classes are part of our flexible study modes package that allows you to pursue your studies while working full-time.
  • Provision to accumulate credits toward an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or diploma.
  • Strong support from qualified educators and access to the latest research and resources.
  • State-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities (located at our new Macquarie Park campus).
  • Opens a pathway to further study that can lead toward accreditation as a Baptist pastor or being equipped for other ministries. 

Check the units available in the evenings for Bible and Theology, Counselling and Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care below:


Semester 1 - 22 February 2021 

Tuesday l 6.45pm 
Livestream & Face to Face | Macquarie Park campus

Jesus and the Gospels (NT001)
 with Tim MacBride, Cass Kwakye and Mike Frost

Gain a deeper understanding of the four Gospels and how they present the person and ministry of Jesus within the much bigger story of God and his people. Be challenged to proclaim and demonstrate God’s rule on earth as we await Jesus’ return.

Mission in an Urban Context (EM011)
with Graeme Dunkley

Around the world, cities are growing at a rapid rate. Explore the complexities and challenges of urban ministry, and connect with practitioners from around the world

Tuesday l 7pm 
Livestream & Face to Face | Padstow Baptist Church

Christianity in History to 1550 (CH001)                                                                                              with Edwina Murphy

Discover the story of Christianity, from its humble beginnings in Jerusalem, through to the tumultuous events of the Continental Reformation. Be inspired by the faithfulness of our forebears, as well as learn from their failures.                                                                                                                                                

Wednesday l 6:45 pm
Livestream l Macquarie Park Campus

Foundational Christian Beliefs (TH005)                                                                                                          With Andrew Sloane

Know what you believe and why you believe it: this overview unit introduces some of the key doctrines of the Christian faith and equips you with the tools to read and study in the area of systematic theology.

Paul & Corinthian Christianity* (NT010/011)                                                                                                      with David Starling and Tim MacBride 

Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians addresses a divided and dysfunctional local congregation, largely due to their adoption of the world’s value system. Paul exhorts them, instead, to live out an alternative community ethic grounded in Jesus’ death and resurrection. This message is as timely today as it was 2000 years ago.

*This unit requires the completion of NT002- Early NT Church as a prerequisite

Thursday l 6.45pm
Livestream l Macquarie Park campus

New Testament Greek A (LA005)
Peter Friend

Learn the basics of New Testament Greek, in preparation for reading and studying the NT in its original language.


Tuesday l 6.30pm
 Macquarie Park campus

Biblical and Theological Dimensions of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care                                                       .

This unit seeks to explore the biblical and theological foundations of chaplaincy and spiritual care, in order to understand what sets us apart from chaplains of other faith traditions. While caring is not an exclusively Christian practice, a biblical theology of chaplaincy and care will be unique in its emphasis on seeing every person as made in the image of God, and understanding our ministry as a participation in the mission of the triune God. The contemporary practice of chaplaincy and spiritual care takes place within a multi-faith, multicultural society in which we cannot expect or demand that those we encounter agree with the tenets of our faith. Thus, our practice cannot be merely propositional, but must be truly incarnational as we embody the love of God. Students will be enabled to not only articulate biblical and theological principles and motifs, but engage in theological reflection, considering how these principles will inform their own pastoral identity and practice.

Child and Adolescent Counselling 1  

  • Be introduced to the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake counselling practice with this client group
  • Develop a greater understanding of child and adolescent development and the impact of childhood experiences on development
  • Identify ways of engaging children and adolescents within the therapeutic relationship
  • Explore suitable counselling interventions and strategies
  • Gain insights into the skills needed to work collaboratively with the parents and caregivers of the child or adolescent client
  • Gain insights in the legal and ethical implications of working with children and adolescents

Wednesday l 6.30pm
 Macquarie Park campus

Human Development

This unit gives an overview of human development within a theological framework. This unit examines the main spiritual, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development tasks and milestones in human development alongside the impact of interrupted development. There is an exploration of the place of grief and loss within human development and change. Counselling and Chaplaincy Students explore interventions that help people with life cycle transitions and interruptions to normal development in the light of biblical principles of humanity and relationship.

Thursday l 6.30pm
 Macquarie Park campus

Relationship Counselling 1

This unit will give students a thorough understanding of the theories and practices of family and relationship counselling. Students will develop an understanding of the differences between relationship and individual counselling and practice the skills required for working with couples and families.

Unit Objectives:

  • Introduce students to the concepts, theories, therapeutic process and techniques involved in family and relationship counselling
  • Recognise and understand the ongoing influences of family of origin on thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Learn and practice a variety of methods (e.g. sculpting, genograms, structural maps) for assessing relationship
    dynamics and family of origin/intergenerational influences
  • Understand theories of family development and transitions across the lifespan.
  • Explore healthy family and couple functioning and dynamics
  • Identify and respond appropriately to ethical and culturally sensitive issues.

Palliative and Dementia Care

This unit outlines current developments and knowledge of the nature, course, common trajectories and types of dementia, as well as an understanding of current palliative care theory in a chaplaincy and spiritual care setting. Students will develop an applied understanding of end of life care, including grief and loss and appropriate responses to palliative care in a chaplaincy and spiritual care setting.

This unit will explore the theological and spiritual insights and ethical dimensions that emerge as care is offered to aged persons with dementia as well as exploring the role of chaplaincy and spiritual care within a multidisciplinary approach to dementia care and palliative care.


Don't miss out! The government has announced the extension of  the six-month FEE-HELP Loan Fee exemption for undergraduate students between 1 April 2020 to 30 June 2021. This represents a saving of around $500 per subject or $2000 for full time study (4 subjects) in Semester 1, 2021.

Plus, domestic students undertaking Australia College of Theology units, subsidised by Morling College, will save around $1620 on fees when they undertake full-time study (48 credit points) within a semester.

*FEE-HELP is available for all units taken for credit towards an award at Morling (except for Plunge and the Certificate of Theology). Loan fee does not apply to postgraduate students accessing FEE-HELP. See the FEE_HELP loan exemption terms and conditions

With more time in your hands, and financial support, now could be the best time for you to kick-start your bible college adventure and answer God's call to ministry.


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