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Why Enrolling in an Intensive Unit Could Make Your Year Easier

Why Enrolling in an Intensive Unit Could Make Your Year Easier
Wednesday 19th December 2018

Each semester, you choose to study online or on-campus, but have you considered studying an intensive unit?

If you’re studying full time during semester, your time on-campus is like working a full time job, and the same commitment is needed for online students. Studying an intensive unit would reduce some of your weekly commitment to study by having most of the content presented in 3-5 on-campus days. With most intensives, there is an online component to the subject to work through during the Semester and some assessments, but imagine having one less class to attend each week.

Reducing your on-campus load is only one reason to enrol in an intensive. Here are some more:

  • Experience an on-campus unit

If you are an online student, you don’t normally have an opportunity to experience on campus classes. Studying an intensive gives you that opportunity.

  • Experience study at Morling

Intensives are a chance for students from other Bible Colleges to experience what study is like at Morling, learn with a different lecturer, interact with a new community and hear from different points of view.

  • The dates are already set

The dates are already set, so you can plan to take time off work to attend the on-campus days.

  • Catch up on a unit you may have missed

You may have missed fulfilling a specific unit within your course. Don’t be left behind! Use an intensive to catch up!

  • Get a head start on your study for the semester

Some intensives have all of their on-campus days before semester starts! This would reduce your weekly study load during semester, helping you balance life, family and ministry better.

Semester 1 Intensives count towards your study load for Semester 1, but some start with their on-campus days in January 2019.

Here is the list of our Semester 1 intensive units, and their on-campus days:


- Introductory Preaching (PC247i, PC447i, PC647i) – 16-18 January 2019

- Research Methods (RM095i, RM091i) – 29-31 January 2019

- Old Testament Foundations (OT301i, OT501i) – 4-6 February 2019

- MML Action Research Seminar – 27-28 February 2019

- Cultural Exegesis (EM722i) – 4-6 March, 20-21 May 2019

- Ministry with Non-Church Youth (DM413i, DM613i) – 4 March, 25 March, 8 April, 13 May, 27 May 2019

- Interpreting and Applying Ephesians (NT705i) – 1 March, 22 March, 12 April, 10 May, 24 May 2019

- Atonement and the Doctrine of God (TH706i) – 17-18 May 2019

- Global Migration, Diaspora and the Mission of God (EM489i, EM689i, EM713i) – 4-6 February, 3 May, 24 May 2019

We also have two year-long intensives in 2019:

- SENT (Church Planting Certificate) – 4 March, 9 May, 22 July, 5 September, 17 October

- IMPACT (Children’s Ministry Certificate)

14 March, 22 May, 12 August (lectures)

30 September - 03 October (Activate Children’s Ministry Leadership Conference)

- IMPACT (Youth Ministry Certificate)

5-7 February (Baptist Youth and Emerging Leaders Conference)

14 March, 22 May, 12 August (lectures)


What are you waiting for?

Add an intensive to your Semester 1 Enrolment in 2019!

Current Morling students and cross-institutional students can find out more by downloading an Intensives Information Pack. Please take note of the separate Enrolment Due Dates for each unit.



Katherine Lawless

Written by Katherine Lawless

Katherine is the Future Student Advisor and Events Manager at Morling College.

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