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Tribute to Bill Andersen

Tribute to Bill Andersen
Thursday 5th September 2019

Dear friends of Morling,

This came from Ross, our Principal, on Friday.

"I’ve just heard from Bill’s doctor that Bill passed away peacefully an hour ago. He was in the presence of his family. He was 96. Please keep his family in your prayers. No doubt more details later. Of course Bill was a wonderful servant of Morling including being Warden through 2 difficult years."

I thought it would be good for those who did not know Bill Andersen, for me to do a little overview about the kind of person he was and also of his very significant contribution to Morling.

He had a background in Education and Psychology and taught in Sydney University in both disciplines over his academic career. A committed Christian from an early age, he was very involved with Scripture Union for over 50 years.

Bill initially came to Morling to lecture part time on a number of subjects, including Education, and he went on to lecture in the subjects of Pastoral Psychology, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Theological Ethics, Introduction to New Testament, Interpersonal Relationships, and 20th Century Theology. In 1981 Bill was elected to the Board of Morling and became Vice- Chair.

Unable to agree on a Principal in the 1986 Assembly, Dr Bill Andersen was approached to take on the role of Warden and served two years in the role. Bill brought a very special gift of being able to see the issues, help people walk through them and come to a level of unity that had been lacking. His appointment proved to be a special gift from God. His insights, wisdom and giftedness enabled him to reach out to churches and with a clear commitment to generous evangelical faith.

Dr Bill Andersen’s time at Morling helped heal relationships, and bring to the College a sense of direction. In a very real sense Dr Andersen’s time with us prepared the way for a healthy future for the College. As Bill said, "Allowing people to focus on the future, helped heal the past."

We owe a great debt of gratitude to this very special and godly man who is now in the presence of the God he knew and loved. We remember his contribution to the College and thank God for him.

Rich blessings

Rev Kel Willis, Chair Morling College Council


Funeral Service

Saturday, 21 September at 10:15am - 11:15am at the North Chapel, Northern Suburbs Crematorium, 199 Delhi Road, North Ryde. All welcome. Followed by;

Thanksgiving Service

Saturday, 21 September at 12:00pm - 1:00pm at Gordon Baptist Church, 20 Park Avenue, Gordon with a light lunch in the church hall afterwards from 1:00pm - 3:00pm. All welcome.

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