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Study Theology Online and Get Closer to God

Study Theology Online and Get Closer to God
Thursday 13th June 2019

From the beginning, God has made it clear that He is interested in a walking partner. Men and women were created to be in a relationship with Him. Genesis 3:8 tells us that when God had a positive relationship with Adam and Eve, He would be “walking in the garden in the cool of the day”.


As Christians, our mission is not to be asking Jesus to join us but rather for us to be joining Him through our missional lives. As we respond to God by getting closer to Him, we are continuing Christ’s ministry. Theology is the subject that helps us to understand more about the Trinity and God's work.


You might be wondering what it means to be living missional lives for Jesus? Or, how do we study theology among the busyness of everyday life?


Morling College offers a range of flexible courses that can be completed online. Studying online allows you to complete all the requirements without having to attend the campus at Macquarie Park, saving you time and allowing you to study at your own pace each week.

The course material including lecture slides and notes is provided for students to download, meaning you can access them on the go whether you are commuting to work or at home. Online students receive the same quality support from the College staff and have access to an online tutor to assist with assignments and essays.


Online theology courses at Morling are designed to encourage interaction between students and lecturers. This is so you feel part of a real learning community, even though you may not meet your lecturer and classmates in person on campus, you will be interacting and communicating with them regularly. There will be regular opportunities to interact in discussions often through online forums, and in addition to meet together with your classmates and lecturers in a number of virtual classrooms throughout the semester in your studies.


As you consider the various ways of drawing closer to God, I suggest that you check out Morling College’s online courses and all the benefits offered through their programs  

Applications are now open for Semester 2 online study at Morling College, click here for more information and to get started on your journey to grow closer God through online theological study!

Roydon Ng

Written by Roydon Ng

Roydon Ng is Morling College’s Content Creator Assistant and a current student completing his Diploma of Ministry. Know more about him at www.roydonng.com.au

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