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Meeting the challenges and opportunities of COVID-19

Jun 15, 2020 8:18:52 PM

There's no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives - altered our habits, our lifestyles and our plans for 2020. At Morling, we...

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‘Being With’ a Client Vs. ‘Doing to’: What’s The Difference and Why Is It Important for Christian Counsellors and Chaplains?

Jun 11, 2020 7:41:08 PM

There are lots of different facets to counselling and chaplaincy. The approaches to interacting with clients are as varied and as unique as...

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Equipping teachers with insights into the learning needs of students

Jun 11, 2020 7:17:41 PM

Teachers looking to advance their approach to student learning can delve into the new postgraduate unit offered by the Faculty of Education...

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Video conferencing and a sense of loss

May 27, 2020 7:26:32 PM

In the present Covid-19 lockdown, the use of video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype has never been higher. They...

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From Trauma to Chaplain - a student’s story of perseverance and self-discovery during challenging times.

May 27, 2020 5:38:47 PM

Life does not always turn out the way we thought it might.  We only have to take a look at how the current COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly...

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From the Farm to Chaplaincy - How One Student is Re-Training to Follow God’s Calling

May 27, 2020 4:53:16 PM

One of our current students, Wes Brown, had been asking God for opportunities to be available for His use. Hear his story about following...

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How professional training in my counselling course made a difference

May 17, 2020 1:18:28 AM

I came into counselling wanting to help people, as most of us do… I learnt that becoming a counsellor meant learning theory and skills, yet I...

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Stooping to conquer: The gentleness and generosity of the Early Church

Apr 23, 2020 10:24:18 PM

As Chrysostom said, ‘Now love is not speaking empty words to people, but taking care of them, and putting itself forward by works—relieving...

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Social Distancing Tips for Self-care and Managing Anxiety during COVID-19

Apr 15, 2020 7:15:51 PM

I’m feeling anxious.  I can’ t think straight.  My heart rate rises. I feel so overwhelmed about how to cope.  And I’m a counsellor...so as I...

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Is the Coronavirus God’s grace to humanity?

Apr 7, 2020 12:20:48 PM

I recently read an article that described COVID-19 as a grace for the world.

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