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Halloween: trick, treat or harvest?

Oct 29, 2020 2:25:27 PM

How many of us have met a witch? Phil Wyman puts that blunt question to all Christians. Most of us would probably have to say that we...

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8 Reasons Why Summer is Great for Theological Studies Online (2020/2021)

Oct 23, 2020 9:02:03 PM

8 Reasons Why Summer is Great for Theological Studies Online Summer is my favourite season of the year. It’s when I get a bit of a break to...

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Meet Margaret Welch, Dean of Counselling, Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care

Oct 9, 2020 10:44:02 AM

Margaret Welch has recently commenced in the role of Dean of Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Faculty at Morling College. We asked...

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Million Dollars Plus Released for Morling Scholarships

Sep 28, 2020 1:20:10 PM

We are very excited to announce Morling College’s new scholarship program for 2021 and beyond. Our new scholarship program came about from a...

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Trumping the Epidemic affecting Christian Based Leadership

Sep 15, 2020 11:39:57 AM

We may be in the times of an epidemic now with COVID-19, but there is another epidemic that seems to be evading our attention and yet...

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Why the impassible God is good news in a COVID world

Sep 8, 2020 4:52:13 PM

COVID has unleashed a wave of misery across the world. Those that have not lost loved ones have been swept up in COVID's economic wake, and...

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Fight of Fist or Fight of Faith?

Aug 28, 2020 3:00:21 PM

When I was a Morling student few years back, the Morling Student Representative Group organised the Morling International Day to celebrate...

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Making a positive impact in the lives of others

Jul 30, 2020 8:49:51 PM

I’m currently working at Macquarie Clinic, a practice of Christian Mental Health Practitioners at Macquarie Park. I also see clients from my...

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Answering a Higher Calling

Jul 22, 2020 5:05:54 PM

Are you interested in studying counselling?  Do you have previous study or work experience but isn't sure whether a career change is right...

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In (partial) defence of the monologue sermon

Jul 22, 2020 11:13:53 AM

The monologue sermon gets plenty of negative press in Christian circles these days; some of it deserved. Preachers routinely go longer than...

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