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Morling Heads South!

Morling Heads South!
Tuesday 11th December 2018

Introducing our newest campus. 

For years, Morling College has led the way in flexible learning opportunities, whether they be at our main campus in Macquarie Park, or through our extensive online study options.

This year, Morling College started a Southern Sydney Learning Hub on Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm. Morling South was launched in February with the New Testament introductory subject, Jesus and the Gospels, presented by Rev. Dr. Tim MacBride.

Stephen Soewono was among the first 25 students who enrolled at Morling South in Semester 1 2018. He shares how much he appreciates the way the lecturer Tim MacBride had unpacked the New Testament and the historical context of the Gospels. Other students share what they thought of their experiences at Morling South in this video.

“If you are looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible and engage more in God’s word I would heartily recommend Morling South Campus. You don’t have to be seeking a Theology degree (…). It’s very revealing what you unpack in a really easy and safe learning environment”.   Philippa Lowe

Convenient location

Knowing how hard it is to get around Sydney, especially when taking an evening class, the college set up the Morling South hub at Padstow Baptist Church, in order to serve the communities of the Sutherland Shire, and the St George, Canterbury-Bankstown, and Campbelltown areas. It’s conveniently located only 300 metres from Padstow railway station and bus interchange, and just 2 minutes from the M5 motorway. A variety of food outlets nearby means you can even grab dinner on the way!

Click here to see the map of where Morling South Campus is located.

The Details

Over a four-year cycle, students can complete the 8 units of a standard Diploma or Graduate Diploma. Both of these awards can subsequently be converted into a full degree or master’s award on the main campus or online. Both awards are eligible for the Australian Government’s FEE-HELP programme.

In Semester 1 2019, students will enrol in OT301/501, Old Testament Foundations, at Morling College and attend lectures at the Southern Sydney Campus. Students can then continue with their studies in Semester 2, 2019 by enrolling in OT302/502, Old Testament Prophets and Writings. Both units will be presented by Marc Rader.

About the Lecturer

Marc Rader is the senior pastor at Gymea Baptist Church and is a part time faculty members of Morling College. Marc is passionate about teaching the Old Testament. He points out that, although Christians understand the impact of the Old Testament to our understanding of Jesus and the Christian faith, for many, the Old Testament remains pretty much a closed book due to its complexity and difficult passages. Marc hopes that these foundation subjects will give students the tools to unlock the Old Testament and inspire a deep and profound love of these texts that will drive a life time of learning. See more of what Marc has to say about the Old Testament here.


There are a number of different options for study at Morling South in 2019. You can apply as an existing or cross-institutional student, or as a new student at Morling completing a full award (E.g. Diploma of Ministry) or to complete a single unit for your personal growth and development.

If you would like to study at Morling South in 2019, here is a breakdown of what your option are and what you need to do:

Existing ACT/Morling Students and Cross Institutional Students:

Complete the online Enrolment Form found here to enrol in OT301/501.

Cross-Institutional Students: Please ensure you list your sponsoring College in section 3. This is the College you are completing your award with.

New Students:

Apply to complete a full award at Morling such as a Diploma of Ministry. Click here to apply to become a Morling College student first. Once your application has been accepted, you will be guided through the enrolment process to enrol at Morling South.

Apply to complete a single unit/subject at Morling for your personal growth and development. This is what we call a Casual Enrolment. To enrol, complete our Casual Enrolment Form and email it to registrar@morling.edu.au

For More Information:

Have questions about Morling South or how to become a Morling College student?

Contact us via our webpage, email us on enquiries@morling.edu.au or call us on 9878 0201 and we’ll be happy to help you get started.


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Ana Gusso

Written by Ana Gusso

Ana Gusso is the Marketing and Student Recruitment Director at Morling College.

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