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Being called to study but have little time? Here are 3 reasons why you should study Theology online

Being called to study but have little time? Here are 3 reasons why you should study Theology online
Wednesday 1st May 2019

The study of Theology is personally rewarding, deeply enriching and can help equip you in reaching more people with the good news and grace of Jesus Christ. Fitting formal theological studies into an already busy schedule, however, is challenging for many people. If you’re called to study Theology but have little time available, here are three reasons why you should study theology online.

Arrange Your Studies Around Your Schedule

Firstly, an online theological studies program lets you arrange your academic schedule around your other obligations. Complete your weekly studies by scheduling them for the times when you’re free. Often lectures can be listened to or watched at your leisure. Even your readings are digital, and can be listened to using a basic ap!

For your assessment work, assignments and exams can also be managed around your schedule. Research and write papers anytime before the due date, and most exams come with generous time frames during which you can schedule to do them - either on-campus or in your own location.

Whether you’re trying to balance ministry, work, family or other obligations, studying Theology online lets you fit your theological training into your own schedule.

Serve Where You’ve Been Called

Secondly, online Theology programs let you serve wherever you are. God has providentially placed each one of us in our own communities, and we’re called to share Jesus’ good news and grace with those who are around us -- our neighbours (not to mention family and friends). Enrolling in an online study program makes it possible to pursue a deeper spiritual and theological understanding without leaving the place where you’re already serving!

Review Course Materials as Needed

Thirdly, online learning makes it easy to review course materials as much as you need or want to. In addition to re-reading textbooks and personal notes, you can also go back through video and audio lectures as many times as you like. Even if you aren't intensely listening every time, reviewing these primary materials more than once will help you catch items you missed previously and better understand what points your lecturer is emphasising. Pull up a lecture, and start reading or listening when you're ready.


Study Theology Online

At Morling College, we offer a variety of online programs. If you’d like to study Theology online, contact us to learn more about the opportunities available.

Roydon Ng

Written by Roydon Ng

Roydon Ng is Morling College’s Content Creator Assistant and a current student completing his Diploma of Ministry. Know more about him at www.roydonng.com.au

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