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8 Great Reasons to take an Intensive Unit this Semester

8 Great Reasons to take an Intensive Unit this Semester
Tuesday 14th May 2019

Did you know that there is a way to compress 13 weeks of college into just 3-5 days? Many people are time poor, and baulk at attending class for a full semester. If this is you, read on to find whether intensive units could suit you.

Intensive Units Help Busy People

Whether you’re studying full time, part-time or a combination of both, an intensive unit is an excellent opportunity to get ahead in your degree or catch up on a unit you have missed.

Not to mention that your study load in the following semesters is reduced by having attended just 3-5 days’ worth of on-campus classes.

Intensive units are designed for students like you as a way to reduce your on-campus weekly load, or to catch up on a unit you may have missed during the year. Intensives are delivered on-campus with some online components.

Getting ahead in your degree and having to come to less classes on-campus are just two of the advantages of enrolling in an intensive unit.

Here are more reasons to take an intensive unit at Morling

  • Check out the Morling campus: if you are an online student or you have been studying at one of Morling's Hubs you may not have visited the main campus at Macquarie Park yet. Taking an intensive unit allows you to experience the Morling College campus.

  • Experience the Morling student life: if you’re from another Bible college, applying for cross-institutional study options allows you to experience what it is like learning at Morling and meeting new lecturers, students and the wider Morling Christian community.

  • The dates are set: planning for winter intensives can be done now with your on-campus dates already announced so you can give work advance notice of leave to attend the 3-5 days of campus classes if that is needed.

  • Catch up on any unit you may have previously missed : intensives are a great opportunity to take classes that you wished to enrol in, but couldn’t during the regular semester.  

  • Study purely for interest: you could study something  that you like, regardless of if this is part of your degree. There is so much to learn at Morling. This is something worth praying about and ask God what additional intensive unit you could study.

  • Get ahead of your semester’s study: improve your social life, work, family and ministry balance. You can do this by having less weekly studies during Semester 2, by completing an intensive unit over the July break.

Winter School and Semester 2 Intensive Units

Here is the list of our Winter School and Semester 2 Intensive Units. Enrolments are now open for our Winter and Semester 2 Intensive and blended-mode units:

  • Pastoral Epistles (NT423/623i) – English Text
  • Transforming Vocation Conference: Seminar Unit (IN489i/689i/789i)
  • Pastoral Skills and Methods (PC403/603i)
  • Adolescent Development (DM412/612i)
  • Aid and Development (EM410/610i)
  • Hermeneutics and Genesis 1-3 (OT758i)
  • Leadership Development in Global Contexts (PC743i)
  • Baptist Distinctives (PC416/616i)
  • Baptist History (CH759D)

For more information on each of these units and how to go about enrolling, please visit the intensives page of our website. Make sure that you check the start date for the unit (which is typically a few weeks before the first face-to-face day) so that you can plan on making time for any reading, online learning and assignment work that you need to make a start on before the face-to-face component commences.

What are you waiting for?

Add an intensive to your Semester 2 Enrolment in 2019!

Current Morling students and cross-institutional students can find out more by downloading an Intensives Information Pack. Please take note of the separate Enrolment Due Dates for each unit.

Roydon Ng

Written by Roydon Ng

Roydon Ng is Morling College’s Content Creator Assistant and a current student completing his Diploma of Ministry. Know more about him at www.roydonng.com.au

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