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5 Benefits of Studying Theology

5 Benefits of Studying Theology
Friday 28th June 2019

A question faced often by Theology students is “do you want to become a pastor?”. And yes, a degree in Theology can be the first step towards accreditation but there is much more that can be done with a Theology degree. 


Studying Theology allows you to explore not just Christianity but to increase your understanding of different religious beliefs from around the world as well as practices that shape the world that we live in.


Here are 5 benefits of studying Theology that you might not have thought about:


1. Theology graduates are actually in higher demand than what you may think. 

Many governments and nonprofit organisations value the diversity that a theological education provides. This can open opportunities to work in areas that you might never have thought before, such as in Community Development where understanding diverse beliefs is important.

2. Your CV stands out

With a Theology degree, your CV stands out from others. It shows you are able to demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of major world religions including their historical development and intersection with our current socio-cultural times. 


It shows that you have gone through the necessary practice of critical thinking and engagement with all of the various facets of religion: theological, cultural, ethical, philosophical, and political. 

These topics are at the heart of many of our world's problems and debates.

3. You can further explore a subject that fascinates you

With the extensive range of topics that Theology touches on, you may awaken a desire in yourself for further study.. You might want to dive deeper into an issue you have always been fascinated in. There are options beyond graduation for further study at Morling that allow you to research Theology, Ethics, Culture, Religion, Conflict and History.

4. You can get better equipped for the Ministry

Theology also provides a critical backbone to ministry, whether formally or informally. Being able to guide a member of your bible study group or a young person through a theologically challenging area, or even just being able to answer a pointed question in public from a passing stranger; studying Theology helps you grow in your ability to be missional through everyday life.

5. Experience more of God through your studies 

This is often thought of as a given, but the reality is that as you grapple with the truths contained within the Bible through conversation with generations of scholars and other believers, you deepen your understanding of God. And as you go further into Theology, you start to realise the awe and sovereignty of God even more. 


Theology helps us to understand, reflect and often reevaluate how we are doing in our relationship with God. Ultimately being able to improve on your relationship with God is the best outcome that one could hope for as a result of studying Theology.

Roydon Ng

Written by Roydon Ng

Roydon Ng is Morling College’s Content Creator Assistant and a current student completing his Diploma of Ministry. Know more about him at www.roydonng.com.au

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