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3 Amazing Things I Learned In Theology Classes

3 Amazing Things I Learned In Theology Classes
Monday 20th May 2019

Studying theology may seem very intense at first, and it is true given that you are indeed studying God himself. But the deeper you go in Theology classes, the more exciting your discoveries into the who, what, how and whys about God become. Whether you are seeking to engage more with the Bible or to respond to God’s calling to take up Christian ministry, theology classes provide a great foundational backbone.

Theology Connects You With God

Firstly, taking theology classes allows you to reflect on your relationship with God and to connect with Him more. Theology classes are a great way to get to know God deeper as the ultimate aim of studying God is not to just be more biblical or gain additional historical knowledge but rather to enhance your relationship with God himself.

By studying Theology, I have learned that knowledge is helpful, but the most important aspect of studying God is so we can worship Him better. By taking Theology classes, l had my eyes further opened, immersed myself in God’s world and learned more about His work throughout the Bible and  current days.Taking theology classes, encouraged me to respond to God in worship as well as deepened my relationship and connection with God.

Gain Deep Insights Into Yourself

Secondly, theology classes are a great way to learn more about yourself as, through the study of God, our Christian identity continues to be shaped and reshaped. Throughout studying at Morling, students have the opportunity to have quiet time in the library going beyond just looking for books for assignments and essays. The wide range of Theology books and journals you can find there are great additional readings and are often very interesting as well as thought-provoking. Studying theology goes beyond just studying and helps you with your day to day edification in understanding God’s creation and His plans for you.

At Morling I learned how to be more attentive to God’s work around us and within us. I slowly realised that God forms each one of us through the way we study Him.

Spread The Word in It’s Full Truth

Finally,I believe that taking Theology classes equips each one of us to better present the full truth of the Gospel, and to preach the Bible evangelically. Through my studies, I have been constantly reminded that God’s Word is a living word and is active in the world around us. As a result of studying at Morling, you will know how to speak such truth faithfully and be equipped in dealing with some of the complexities that arise through the study of God.

Whether you are a regular church goer, Youth Group coordinator, Bible Study leader or just curious, I encourage you to study Theology  as an act of discipleship. As we allow God to open our hearts through the study we surrender ourselves to God. We allow Him to take control of our thoughts and actions so we can know Him more personally.

Roydon Ng

Written by Roydon Ng

Roydon Ng is Morling College’s Content Creator Assistant and a current student completing his Diploma of Ministry. Know more about him at www.roydonng.com.au

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